One Cold Night 2018
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According to the 2018 Point-In-Time Homeless Census and Survey, at least 68 youth are homeless in Petaluma right now. Young people experiencing homelessness in Petaluma face unique geographical challenges when it comes to accessing services. Many young people are currently residing in the outskirts of town, often in hard-to-access sections near the railroad tracks. This is not only a safety concern for the young people living in encampments, but also makes it dangerous and difficult for our staff to find them and offer services.

Like other outlying areas of our county, young people are hesitant to leave this area to access services in Santa Rosa due to transportation issues and fear of leaving the perceived safety of their street families. 

How SAY Helps in Petaluma:

  • Our Street Outreach Team spends one day a week connecting with young people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness by addressing their most immediate needs, including housing support, hygiene supplies, food, and referrals to key services.
  • The Street Outreach Team partners closely with the Petaluma Police Department to provide supports in the fight against human trafficking and building awareness in the community about its existence and impacts on vulnerable youth.

Top Service Partners in Petaluma:

  • Petaluma People Services Center 
  • Petaluma Health Center
  • COTS
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