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North County

According to the 2018 Point-In-Time Homeless Census and Survey, at least 84 young people are homeless in North Sonoma County right now. Many of the youth our staff interacts with in North County, including Geyserville, are children of migrant farmworkers experiencing chronic poverty and economic instability. Many young people feel that the extreme dichotomy between affluence and poverty in this community does not lend itself to an accessible middle class status or upward economic mobility.

The young people SAY serves often have a difficult time accessing higher education because they are so focused on helping their families’ make ends meet. Additionally, because of the isolated geography of North County, young people have a harder time accessing services and support. For example, a student at Geyserville High School that does not have technology or internet access at home is forced to travel to Cloverdale or Healdsburg in order to get homework done that requires a computer.  

How SAY Helps in North County:

  • Our Street Outreach Team spends one day a week connecting with young people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness by addressing their most immediate needs, including housing support, hygiene supplies, food, and referrals to key services.
  • SAY partners with Reach for Home to provide identified vulnerable youth with supplies, services and basic human needs support.

Top Service Partners in North County:

  • Reach for Home
  • Center for Social and Environmental Stewardship 
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